My roost for sharing reviews



As well as being able to find me on Goodreads and Instagram, I thought I’d start my owl little blog for book reviews.

So, if you don’t follow me anywhere else (why not? Come on over! 😄 here on Goodreads and here on Instagram!) here’s a bit about me:

My name is Jen. I live in the hills in Perth, Western Australia. I love books – I’m a reader and a collector (I realised recently these are entirely different hobbies 🤔). I love taking photos of books, looking at books, smelling books, reading about books and eating books for breakfast (almost).

I also like reviewing books (as long as I do it immediately after reading them, because my memory skips to the next book and “I like that thing that character did with that other character. You know the one. That thing. Yes. It was good” is not a fabulous review.

I most enjoy YA fantasy, humour, sci-fi, magical realism, mystery and thriller books!

So, welcome to my humble blog. I hope we can chat books!

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