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A Lifetime of Impossible Days by Tabitha Bird – Review and tour stop


My Rating ~ Five stars


RELEASE DATE:  4 June 2019

Publisher: Penguin Books

Format: Paperback

Pages: 390


Today is my #bookstagram tour stop for the amazing A Lifetime of Impossible Days, via @readthebooktours !  Many thanks to the author, Tabitha Bird for providing me with a copy of this stunning book.


Meet Willa Waters, aged 8 . . . 33 . . . and 93.

On one impossible day in 1965, eight-year-old Willa receives a mysterious box containing a jar of water and the instruction: ‘One ocean: plant in the backyard.’ So she does – and somehow creates an extraordinary time slip that allows her to visit her future selves.

On one impossible day in 1990, Willa is 33 and a mother-of-two when her childhood self magically appears in her backyard. But she’s also a woman haunted by memories of her dark past – and is on the brink of a decision that will have tragic repercussions . . .

On one impossible day in 2050, Willa is a silver-haired, gumboot-loving 93-year-old whose memory is fading fast. Yet she knows there’s something she has to remember, a warning she must give her past selves about a terrible event in 1990. If only she could recall what it was.

Can the three Willas come together, to heal their past and save their future, before it’s too late?





Willa Waters is 93 years old and her memory isn’t what it used to be.  But she’s been writing down Things She Knows For Sure in a notebook, so she knows she must post two very important parcels on a specific date, and stay out of the nursing home. Because note one and two tell her so.

Willa is 8 years old and desperately trying to protect her sister and herself, in a household where she never knows what mood her daddy will come home in.  Together with her dog, Frog, she loves to tell stories to her sister, under the mango tree in the garden.

Willa is 33 years old and still living with the demons of her past, still trying to protect her sister, while trying to be a good mother to her own children.  She no longer wears gumboots.  She no longer tells stories.

When all three Willa’s are brought together due to a glitch in time, with a little help from an ocean in a box, can any of them change the past, to avoid the tragedies they’ve encountered, or will the past stubbornly refuse to be altered?

With its wonderful magical realism story, this book made me want to hug my daughter and my mum equally.  It was one of those rare books that actually changed the way I look at life.  The parent I want to be.  The stories I want to tell my child.  The way I want to relate to my mum as she gets older.  I adored Grammy, Willa’s grandmother, and her midnight ‘feed the possums’ picnics!

I can’t even express how much I loved this book.  The writing was just beautiful and I found myself glued to the pages – holding my breath at times and crying in others.  This is a book I will recommend to everyone.

Jam drop biscuits played a big part in the story, and I kept thinking about how much I love them, and how I really should look up a recipe, because I haven’t had them in years. So I was immeasurably excited to find a recipe for them in the back of the book!  I made them with my daughter the very next day, and although they were far from perfect with a 2.5 year old helper, I hope they would have made Grammy and Silver Willa proud haha 😄 ❤️


Keep your eye on my Instagram page, because I’ll be hosting a giveaway at the end of the bookstagram tour for a copy of the book!  


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Find more information about this book, and links to purchase on the author’s website here!


A Lifetime of Impossible Days pic by bookbookowl
Photo via my instagram account @bookbookowl





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