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Sea Witch Rising (Sea Witch #2) by Sarah Henning – ARC Review

My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASED: 8 August 2019

Publisher:  Harper Collins Australia

Format: Paperback

Pages: 393



Runa will not let her twin sister die. Alia traded her voice to the Sea Witch for a shot at happiness with a prince who doesn’t love her. And his rejection will literally kill her—unless Runa intervenes.

Under the sea, Evie craves her own freedom—but liberation from her role as Sea Witch will require an exchange she may not be willing to make. With their hearts’ desires at odds, what will Runa and Evie be willing to sacrifice to save their worlds?

Told from alternating perspectives, this epic fairy tale retelling is a romantic and heart-wrenching story about the complications of sisterhood, the uncompromising nature of magic, and the cost of redemption




Thank you so much to Harper Collins Australia for providing me with a copy of Sea Witch Rising in exchange for an honest review!

Please note:  As this review is for book 2 in the series, there may be spoilers for book 1 (Sea Witch) in my review!


“Come away, come away 

O’er the waters wild.

Our earth-born child

Died this day, died this day

Come away, come away

The tempest loud

Weaves the shroud

For him who did betray.

Come away, come away

Beneath the wave

Lieth the grave

Of him we slay, him we slay”

-The Mermaid’s Vengeance


Sea Witch Rising took up right where Sea Witch ended. We join the sea witch in her cave, where mermaid Alia has approached her to trade her voice for legs and win the prince of her dreams.  This particular prince happens to be the grandson of Niklas from book one.  When Alia’s twin sister, Runa, discovers what she has done, and that she’s almost certainly going to fail in her task, she makes a trade of her own, determined to intervene.

Where Sea Witch gave us the origin story of the witch, Sea Witch Rising is the retelling of the Little Mermaid story.  Fierce, bold and full of magic, I was just as captivated with the sequel as I was with the first book.  I adore retellings told from the original villain’s perspective and Sea Witch Rising alternated chapters between the witch and mermaid Runa.

As this story takes part several generations after the last, there were a lot of new characters, but I found it easy to quickly work out where everyone fitted in to the story and how they were related to the last one.  I absolutely love Sarah Henning’s writing style, it somehow succeeds in getting me so lost in the story and connected to the characters.  Runa was strong and so fierce with love for her twin sister.  Her sacrifices and motivation to do what was right for her people had me falling in love with her.

Sea Witch Rising gave us even more in the way of magic and insight into the witch’s personality.  It’s imperative for me that a villain’s retelling makes my heart hurt for the so called villain, and makes me want to understand their motivations.  I think these books achieved that perfectly and I’d highly recommend them to those who love retellings!




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