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Harry Potter: Spells and Charms: A Movie Scrapbook – Book Review


My Rating ~ Five stars


RELEASE DATE:  17 September 2019

Publisher: Bloomsbury Australia

Format: Hardcover

RRP:  AU$29.99



This magical movie scrapbook takes readers on a behind-the-scenes tour of iconic spells and charms—from Expelliarmus to the Patronus Charm, and even the three Unforgivable Curses. Detailed profiles include concept illustrations, set photography, and fascinating reflections from the actors and filmmakers about bringing different spells and charms to the big screen. Fans can also relive key scenes in the films when these spells are utilized, including Professor Flitwick’s first Charms class, the first task of the Triwizard Tournament when Harry summons his broom with the Accio spell, and the attack at the Great Lake where Harry uses Expecto Patronum against a swarm of Dementors. Filled with a wealth of bonus inserts, Harry Potter: Spells and Charms: A Movie Scrapbook is a must-have collectible for all Harry Potter fans.




Thank you so much to Bloomsbury Australia for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!


This stunning book is such a beautiful addition to my shelf!  With raised gold lettering on the hardcover and a whole bunch of little surprises inside, Spells & Charms was much more than I was expecting.

I loved the lift the flaps, mini insert books, stickers and especially the patronus cards – they were stunning and I’ll be using them in bookstagram photos for years!

As well as information about the different spells and where they were used in each movie, there were so many snippets of information on how they were made to work, whether by digital manipulation or general stunt work.  It really made me appreciate just how much work went into each part of the movies (four hours every day to transform an actor into a goblin!).

I’d highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to add something special to their Harry Potter collection!





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