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Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett – Children’s book review


My Rating ~ Five stars


RELEASE DATE:  3 October 2019

Publisher: Walker Books

Format: Hardcover

RRP:  AU$24.99



This dinner doesn’t want to be eaten…

Emma Yarlett’s Beast Feast is all about a soft-hearted beast who wants to enjoy a feast. Unfortunately for the beast, Dinner is a child who really doesn’t want to be eaten.

Beast is asking his friends for recipes but then the quick-thinking Dinner starts talking to him. Will he be able to change the beast’s mind? This fun story has Jolly Postman-style letters to open for extra interactivity.




Thank you so much to Walker Books for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Beast has found a scrumptious boy for dinner.  He has to make sure he’s served perfectly to share with all the other beasts he’s invited around for the dinner party. They’ve all got difficult requests, like making sure their dinner is salty, chilled and slimey enough. “Dinner” has some fantastic ideas on how to satisfy those requests, and Beast finds himself having so much fun.  Eventually, Beast starts to think maybe he doesn’t want to eat this Dinner after all.  But what can they do with all the dinner guests arriving the next day?

This book is funny and sweet all at the same time.  With beautiful ‘replies’ to open from the dinner guests (in a range of different envelopes or folded paper parcels) it’s a fun experience for a whole range of ages (including me 😄).  The illustrations are bright and silly in the way kids adore and there’s a lovely lesson about friendship.

I’d definitely recommend this one for both a book to read together with younger children or for primary school kids to read on their own!





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