Monthly wrap-ups

October 2019 wrap-up


My wrap up for October



I’m finally getting around to doing my October wrap up! I read 16 books this month, including 2 audiobooks.


My 4.5 / 5 stars for this month were:

Scars Like Wings: This was such a unique and powerful book about a burns survivor and her struggle to navigate her way through high school and find a new normal.  Highly recommended!


Feast of the Mother:  This was an unexpected favourite!  An intriguing mystery full of subtly woven magic, Feast of the Mother had me guessing to the end.


Into the Crooked Place:  I know this one had mixed reviews. It seems everyone was determined to compare it to Six of Crows, as everyone tends to do when we get a new heist book, but I just don’t hold with one author having the monopoly over any particular type of book and I thought Into the Crooked Place stood up brilliantly on it’s own!  It was fast paced, character driven with a ton of twists and turns!


Darkdawn:  Mr Kristoff once again destroyed my very soul, but that’s ok, I’M FINE, REALLY I’M FINE (you utter utter bastard).  But, soul crushed or not, Darkdawn was the perfect end to a perfect series!


As usual, clicking on the pics below will take you to my reviews (Some reviews may not be live on my blog yet as I post them on the book’s release date due to publisher’s requests)  🙂

Let me know in the comments what your favourite read was for October!







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