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Hideous Beauty by William Hussey – ARC Review

My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  28 May 2020

Format: Paperback

Pages: 336

Publisher: Usborne Publishing




When Dylan and Ellis’s secret relationship is exposed on social media, Dylan is forced to come out. To Dylan’s surprise they are met with support and congratulations, and an amazing reception at their highschool dance. Perhaps people aren’t as narrow-minded as he thought?

But Dylan’s happiness is short-lived. Ellis suddenly becomes angry, withdrawn, and as they drive home from the dance, he loses control of the car, sending it plunging into Hunter’s Lake. Barely conscious, Dylan is pulled free of the wreck, while Ellis is left to drown.

Grief-stricken, Dylan vows to discover what happened to Ellis that night and piece together the last months of his boyfriend’s life – and realises just how little he knew about the boy he loved.





Thank you so much to Usborne Publishing for providing me with a copy of Hideous Beauty, in exchange for an honest review!


Dylan and Ellis have been seeing each other, in secret, for several months, because while Ellis is openly gay, Dylan hasn’t come out to his parents or people at school yet.  When a video of them is leaked on social media, Dylan knows it’s time to let them know, before they hear it from neighbourhood gossip.  With everyone showing more support than he expected, a bright future with the boy he loves seems more possible than ever.  That is until Ellis is killed shortly after.  With people treating Dylan like his grief for Ellis isn’t a big deal and refusing to believe some of his recollections surrounding the accident, he turns to his best friend Mike to try and solve the mystery of why Ellis was suddenly so upset that night, and who saved Dylan’s life, but seemingly left Ellis to drown.

This book, told in alternating chapters of before and after the accident, slowly revealed the answers to the mystery, while keeping my heart pounding the whole time.  A thriller mixed with a truly sweet romance, every part of this book was perfection.  There were some really important themes that sometimes get glossed over in other books – like the issues surrounding Dylan’s family not being outwardly unsupportive of his relationship, but not being truly supportive either.  Ellis had a lot to deal with in his short life with a pretty awful family situation, a loving Aunt with an addiction problem and more.  I adored both of these boys and felt true anguish over the hands they were dealt.

I honestly didn’t want to put this book down and I’d not only highly recommend it, but I’ll push you through the door of the bookstore to make you get your hands on it.  Ok, well, at the moment, maybe I’ll push you to order it online? 😄


“You will find out pretty soon that ninety-nine percent of your entire adult existence will be spent wading through other people’s bullshit, and you’ll have no choice but to smile and nod like it’s the most fragrant summer stream”



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