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You Were Made for Me by Jenna Guillaume – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Three and a half Stars

RELEASE DATE:  11 August 2020

Format: e-ARC

Pages: 336

Publisher: Pan Macmillan





The day I created a boy started out like any other.

Katie didn’t mean to create a boy. A boy like a long-lost Hemsworth brother: six-foot tall with floppy hair and eyes like the sky on a clear summer’s day; whose lips taste like cookie-dough and whose skin smells like springtime.

A boy who is completely devoted to Katie.

He was meant to be perfect.

But he was never meant to exist.




Thank you so much to Pan Macmillan Australia for providing me with a copy of You Were Made for Me, in exchange for an honest review!


Kate is 16 and never been kissed.  She’s certain she’s never going to meet the perfect boy, and she knows exactly what that perfect boy would be like.  She’s even gone as far as to make him out of clay, with her best friend Libby.  But that night something ultra weird happens when Kate goes to bed. Laying her clay boy down next to her and giving it a kiss, she wakes up to a real life boy.  Naked.  In her bed.  As the book progresses in a series of conversations, where Kate and Libby tell the story up to the present day, the idea of the perfect boyfriend starts to not live up to the reality.

This book was fun and fluffy.  The kind of read to pick up when you need a break from heavier topics or you’re looking for a beach read.  It was one of those books that was somewhat predictable, but still enjoyable.  The way it was written, as a conversation between the two girls, did take some getting used to. At times it felt a bit clunky and I lost the flow of the writing, but it was definitely a unique way to tell a story!  The characters also seemed quite young to me.  They were 16, which IS young of course, but they seemed so naive and younger than I expected.  This may be due to 16 year olds acting much older in so many YA books, saving the world and what-not, that reading typical 16 year old characters seems strange now, but they still felt that way throughout the story, particularly the main character.

I do sometimes struggle with YA contemporary, due to being so much older than the target audience and not quite connecting to the teenage angst, but I think this one will be a fantastic fit for younger YA readers who are looking for a sweet rom-com like book!




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