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Terraleise by C.L.A. Simpson – Tour Stop and Review


My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  7 March 2019

Format: Paperback

Source: Author


Today is my tour stop for Terraleise, thanks to Read the Book Tours!



Terraleise turns 18, only to discover she is now gifted with the elemental power of Earth. Terra grew up on the outskirts of the town of Lex in the Kingdom of Lygot, where the only food Terra and her family ate was the food she caught, if she was lucky. The only thing about elemental gifts are that, the only people to have them are those that have royal blood.Childhood friends with Prince of Lygot, Terra confides in Silas only to quickly discover that she is about to be thrown into a life she never dreamed to be a part of, discovering all of the secrets entwined with her past, and her future.The Heir to a Kingdom that has been overthrown by a corrupt branch of her very own blood line, Terra and Silas journey across the ocean to ensure the era of peace that has long since held does not end. The time before peace brought with it unspeakable horrors. Time is running out to keep Vaashaa from reliving the same fate, with all four kingdoms being brought to their knees.Terra will have to learn what it is to have courage and be brave, becoming someone she never thought she ever would, or ever could be. Discovering love along the way, Terraleise will be forced with the possibility of sacrificing it all and herself.Will the lost child of the crown find her rightful place?





Terraleise has been providing for her less than grateful family for too long, when on her 18th birthday, something extraordinary happens – she creates a beautiful, colourful rose from nothing, in the middle of winter.  Elemental magic is only passed down through a royal bloodline, and Terraleise is anything but, so she turns to her childhood friend, who happens to be a prince, for help.  On a mission to discover the truth, the prince and Terraleise’s lives will be changed forever.
This was such a fun, fast paced read.  Just the right amount of magic, friendship and danger.  I love fantasies that don’t get too bogged down in long journeys where nothing happens and Terraleise kept things interesting the whole way through.  I also absolutely adored that this book had a king who was also a loving father!  I get so tired of the tyrannical king trope and this was a breath of fresh air.  The prince, Silas, was one of my absolute favourite characters.  He had such a wonderful personality and his energy and eagerness to help Terraleise made me smile.
The intense ending left me really looking forward to book two, so I’m glad it’s going to be released shortly and I don’t have to wait long to be back with these characters!



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