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Funny Mummy by Jenny Winter – ARC Review


My Rating ~ Three Stars

RELEASE DATE:   30 November 2019

Format: Paperback

Pages: 206

Publisher: Aisling Enterprises



From the sudden early death of her mother, to unplanned pregnancy, to having her wedding interrupted by an elderly man wearing nothing but a pair of Speedos, Jenny Wynter’s life has clearly not gone to plan. However, throughout it all there has been one constant: laughter. In Funny Mummy, award-winning comedian Jenny shares her experiences navigating life’s tough moments by using comedy as pain relief. Shining light into the darker parts of life, from grief and divorce to parenthood, and the relentlessness of pursuing lofty goals as a working mother, this funny, poignant, and insightful read will leave you inspired, leave you lighter and most importantly, leave you laughing.





Thank you so much to Aisling Enterprises for providing me with a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review!

Funny Mummy is an in depth account of the ups and downs in Australian comedian, Jenny Wynter’s, life.  I enjoyed Jenny’s parenting musings towards the end of the book but I confess I was hoping this book would have more laugh outloud moments. Instead it leaned more towards a sad tale. Despite Jenny’s advice to always look for the funny side of a situation, I didn’t see much evidence of that here. With subjects such as an unengaged parent, divorce, parenting struggles and death, it was always going to be a hard job to turn this into a truly amusing book. The addition of more of her actual comedy material might have made a difference.

I also found the use of tense, particularly towards the start of the book, a bit jarring. I would have like to see the memories just written in past tense, with the present told in present tense. Instead it was all told in present tense and I found it a bit strange to read.

I really did love the little cartoons at the beginning of each chapter and I adore what Jenny is achieving with her Funny Mummies mission. Improving mental health for mum’s and doing away with the modern judgmental parenting ways, by bringing laughter to peoples lives is such an inspiring and important thing to do!




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