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Too Much Stuff by Emily Gravett – Children’s book review

My Rating ~ Five stars


RELEASE DATE:  22 September 2020

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Format: Hardcover


From the creator of modern classic Meerkat Mail comes a hilarious rhyming story, about a pair of hoarding magpies, that demonstrates the danger of having too much stuff.

Based in the same forest as Emily Gravett’s award-winning Tidy, it features many woodland animals, including its star, Pete the badger.

Meg and Ash are a pair of magpies who are building a nest for their perfect eggs. Although they begin their nest construction using the usual mud, sticks and grass, Meg and Ash are soon convinced that their nest doesn’t have enough stuff and begin to seek out more things to collect and add to an ever-growing pile. From cuckoo clocks to mops and socks, a stroller and even a car – their need for stuff doesn’t seems endless. Until – crash! – the inevitable happens…



Thank you so much to Pan Macmillan for providing me with a copy of Too Much Stuff, in exchange for an honest review!

What happens when we collect too much stuff?  This one was about a pair of magpies who thought their impending chicks needed, well, one of everything and ahem, I may have related to these magpies harder than I wanted to 😅  Convinced their chicks all needed their own bikes, a cuckoo clock, a car and more, they continue to add to the pile on their nest, until it all comes crashing down.  Hilariously written with some truly stunning illustrations, Too Much Stuff has a lesson that may not only be directed at the kids 🙊😏

With wonderful rhyming prose the whole family can enjoy and simply gorgeous art under the dust jacket, I’d highly recommend this one as a laugh out loud story to share!


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