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Other People’s Things by Kerry Anne King- ARC Review


My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  21 September 2021

Format: E-ARC

Source: NetGalley

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing


Jailbird. Klepto. Spectacular failure to launch. Nicole Wood’s sticky fingers have earned her many names, but it’s not that she’s stealing—some objects just need to be moved elsewhere, and the universe has chosen her to do it. Still, being a relocator of objects isn’t easy. With her marriage on the rocks, no real-world skills, and the threat of prison hanging over her head, Nicole is determined to change her ways.

Things seem to be looking up, thanks to a godsent job with her sister’s housecleaning business—until she encounters a seemingly harmless paperback that insists on moving from one client’s home to another’s. Nicole hopes no one will notice, but the action stirs up long-hidden secrets and triggers a series of fateful events that threatens to destroy the life she’s creating and hurt those closest to her. She’ll need to embrace her unwieldy gift and take a chance on love in order to unravel the mystery and fix what’s gone wrong.



Thank you so much to Lake Union Publishing for providing me with a copy of this book, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review!

Nicole, ‘Nickle’, has a problem.  Well, it’s a problem with the law, because she feels compelled to relocate certain objects.  She can feel when they are not meant to be where they are, and where they should be moved to instead.  She can’t help it, but unfortunately, to the rest of the world, it looks a lot like stealing.  Like the battered paperback book that needed to be taken from one client’s house to another, when she was working as a cleaner with her sister.  It seems harmless enough – it’s just a book.  But Nickle’s ‘relocations’ start to have more of an effect than she ever imagined.  While her family desperately tries to intervene, to stop her from stealing anything else, her ex-husband will do anything to get back something she stole from him.  PI, Hawk, has been hired by her ex to track Nickle and the stolen goods down, but even he starts to let his curiosity about her ‘gift’, and Nickle herself, get the best of him.

This was such an interesting premise for a book!  I absolutely loved watching the multiple mysteries unravel and discovering the significance of the relocated items.  Both Nickle and Hawk were fascinating characters and the ex-husband, Kent, was infuriating.  Nickle’s family’s insistence on believing Kent over her at every turn made me want to slap them all 😅.  This one had my blood boiling and my heart melting all in one.

If you love quirky and unique books, with a touch of magic, that are difficult to put down, I’d highly recommend picking this one up!


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