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Anything But Fine by Tobias Madden- ARC Review


My Rating ~ Five Stars

RELEASE DATE:  31 August 2021

Format: Paperback

Pages: 336

Publisher: Penguin Australia


Luca is ready to audition for the Australian Ballet School. All it takes to crush his dreams is one missed step . . . and a broken foot.

Jordan is the gorgeous rowing star and school captain of Luca’s new school. Everyone says he’s straight – but Luca’s not so sure . . .

As their unlikely bond grows stronger, Luca starts to wonder: who is he without ballet? And is he setting himself up for another heartbreak?



Thank you so much to Penguin Books Australia for sending me a copy of Anything But Fine, in exchange for an honest review!

Luca has been ballet dancing since he was 3. His entire life revolves around ballet and he’s finally about to audition for the Australian Ballet School, his future is set. Until he falls down a flight of stairs and shatters his foot. Knowing he will never be able to dance again, Luca’s life is in ruins. The only very faint glimmer of light is the incredibly good looking guy he sees at his OT appointments, Jordan.

When Luca moves to a new school, he has the opportunity to see Jordan more often, because it just so happens he goes to school there too. Even if he is a super popular rowing star and Luca is…..not so popular. He knows how he feels about Jordan, but he’s fallen for straight guys before and wants to avoid that heartbreak again. Probably.

I absolutely loved this book! I laughed and cried so many times. The characters were everything – Luca was so complex with his struggle to deal with the sudden devastation of his future, his new friend Amina was so sweet and reminded me very much of one of my own friends at school. Jordan was of those characters I wanted to be mad at but I couldn’t help being able to understand his own struggles.  Anything But Fine was full of heart and humour and I will be straight up mad if we don’t get another book soon from Tobias. Ok Tobias?? 😅


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